Insurances for your Peace of Mind

Shop with confidence, knowing that the purchases you make with your World Mastercard® are:

  • Protected in case of theft or accidental damage up to 90 days from date of purchase
  • Covered for up to USD 3,000 per claim and a maximum of USD 20,000 over a 12-month period

In case of damage, you can either get a new item to replace the damaged one or receive compensation for the item’s total value, as per the store receipt.

Mastercard does not undertake any insurance business or acting as an insurer, insurance broker, insurance advisor or insurance agent. AIG [or their authorized local representative], and not Mastercard, is providing the relevant insurance benefits. Mastercard does not advise any person on the merits of buying, selling, subscribing for, or underwriting a contract of insurance. The insurance program is conducted as a necessary part of other services provided by Mastercard in the course of its business. Aside from fees related to its services provided pursuant to this benefits program, Mastercard does not collect a fee or other remuneration collected for this insurance program directly from Mastercard cardholders.

How to redeem:

Simply click here to file a claim online. For full details on coverage and contact information, view Terms & Conditions below.

Offer Terms & Conditions:

  • All insurances are subject to T&Cs and can be altered with notice by Mastercard®
  • Only applicable for certain markets in Middle East and Africa –  Download full terms & conditions.

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